Gym flooring

  •  Gym floor covers can either be a carpet-based protection system or is a large plastic tarp . These covers are often used in large venues designed for athletic events when non-athletic events are being held there such as receptions, award ceremonies, indoor track meets, gymnastic events and graduations. 

  •  Gym floor covers are employed to prevent floor damage and improve safety, allowing for sports venues to be used for other purposes .

  •  The first plastic tarp gym floor cover was invented and manufactured by Covermaster Inc. in 1969. In 2013, Protex Matting Inc. answered environmental concerns by introducing the newest 100% recycled polyester top cloth gym floor covers made completely from recycled plastic water bottles .

  •  Modern gym floor covers are manufactured with a variety of colors, anti-slip surfaces . There are several common ways to install floor coverings. For the tarp method, each section is laid down to slightly overlap adjacent sections and then secured with special adhesive tape.  

  •  The best plastic tarp gym floor covers today are made of single-layer woven polyester and the newest polymer materials made via the knife-coating process, which enables dyes to be deposited deep into the core of the PVC. material and prevent peeling of the layers - a side effect of extrusion coating or lamination process.. 

  •  Our tough and durable products comply with fitness industry standards and offer many advantages including comfort, durability, safety and affordability. Our gym and fitness floor coverings have been used in the industry for over 25 years.